There’s a small bunch of special people who’ve been – in various ways – convinced, forced or persuaded to join. And there will be a few more, they just don’t know about it yet 😉 Some have even voluntarily jumped in! Alluring Arctic – The alternative approach is not a one man job, it is a community project, and for it to succeed we need this mixed group of friends. We’ve got sailors, skiers, general outdoors people and just random nice guys and gals, and everyone’s skills are needed.

While the Alluring Arctic headquarters is busy desperately trying to draft up politically correct crew descriptions to be published here, you will have to satisfy your need of information with the following:

This blog is mostly written by Juho. Lots of my friends just call me “Karhu”, because that is my last name and at the same time literally means “a bear”. So expect to see lots of these emoticons here 🐻🐻🐻.



How did I get to this point? In 2005 I moved away from Finland to “study”, but primarily of course to enjoy the mountains and snow in Innsbruck, Austria. Time flew by and soon I had spent many seasons in the Alps and one in Canada, surviving through all the stupid stuff that people do when they’re young, gathering a reaaally amount of snow days each winter. I branched into rock climbing and after some years in University of Innsbruck I also managed to start a career as a freelance translator. (note: Do not fear as I don’t translate into English – so this webpage and the texts here are not indicative of my skills). In any case, being a freelancer turned out to be an excellent choice for me. The income is low, but the flexibility is high!


Andermatt, Switzerland, 2018. Photo: Miska Merentie

Things got quite hectic during my most eager skiing years and at some point I suffered some kind of skiing burn-out. The best kind of burn-out you can have I guess, but I figured I need something else to do as well. I had just begun sailing and then decided to skip one winter season to spend it in Sydney, sailing a Laser class dinghy. After coming back to Finland I started match racing actively, and in 2016, thanks to my wonderful crew, we managed to rise up to position 69 in world ranking, which I thought was quite good for a late bloomer sailor such as myself.


Ottamassa joissain kisoissa turpaan 606:lla. Kuva: Erik Lähteenmäki /

Keelboat sailing is quite slow, so I needed something a bit more fast paced. Tried kiteboarding and fell in love with it, then of course turned my attention to kiteskiing as well…

At some point during all this I bought my first small cruising boat, which I first renovated a bit and then sailed around the Baltic for couple of summers. At that point I also noticed that it doesn’t make sense for me to pay rent, so I started living in the boat during the summers. And then finally, in spring 2017 I sold my old and very small s/y Sylvia to buy a slightly bigger (but still small) s/y Sylvia.

The current s/y Sylvia is what we’re using right now, and I’ll be posting more about the boat soon. But for now you can read this blog post to find more about how the idea of a combined Arctic sailing, skiing, hiking and kiting expedition began.

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