I had a small research project lined up for the Arctic waters of Norway/Svalbard, but it unfortunately fell through!

We’d gladly give the boat and/or our bodies (alive, please) to a good use for some purpose. We are not going to Mars, and we aren’t Christopher Colombus either (because we actually have a clue about where we’re going, I hope). But if you know an entity that might find some concrete use for a bunch of sailors/skiers/hikers/nature lovers staying above the polar circle for a long while, then point them to this direction.

Universities, phd/master students, companies, art groups . etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to sailboats, the Arctic, oceans or anything like that. As long as it’s at least a bit useful for someone, somewhere…

After I posted this on Instagram/Facebook I already had a few inquiries. Here are some questions that I’ve been asked:

How much/what kind of equipment you can take?
– Couple hundred kilograms, but space can be an issue

Can you take an extra person on board (researcher etc.)?
– If you’re flexible then possibly yes. Might work especially during the winter in Norway and after the spring skiing season in Svalbard (crew change in Longyearbyen)

Can you alter your itinerary to visit a specific place?
– To some extent yes

To contact please send an email to juho.karhu@alluringarctic.com. Thanks!